Zielpuls goes green: Hello Greenpuls!

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Greenpuls - on the pulse of sustainability.

As an initiative of Zielpuls, Greenpuls implys that we care about sustainability at Zielpuls. Our declared goal is to make Zielpuls greener and to establish sustainable thinking within the company. We look at a wide variety of company areas to make them more sustainable and greener in the future. For Greenpuls, the primary focus is on acting intelligently and sustainably, so that together we save resources and as a company deal responsibly with our environment. Each and every one of us can make a contribution to this.


So far, we have successfully launched a shoe exchange, would like to relaunch the "Stadtradeln" initiative, have promoted sustainable nutrition in the office, were supporting climate justice ambassadors and have planted over 150 trees.

We have future projects such as the Paperless Office and, in addition, the brand new "Green Thursday", in which we give all employees valuable tips on sustainability once a month.

Our work is a big part of our lives. That's why we will pay special attention to the environmentally friendly use of resources and take responsibility for our environment.


You want to learn more about Greenpuls? Then contact our Greenpuls team: Maja, Niklas, Jan, Julia, Karin, Carina and Carola.


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