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For working parents, balancing a job and a family requires especially one thing: time management. But how does time management work when both parents and children suddenly have to manage their school and work life from home? Homeschooling, home office, family, partnership, work - our Zielpuls Working Parents talk about it.


Inga Biermann, Head of HR and Working Parent

Inga Biermann Working Parent

How do you manage to balance family and job?

Most of the time, very good 😊 Certainly there are phases when it is more difficult, especially during the COVID pandemic or when one of the children is sick. I am lucky that my partner can also work very flexibly and has a great understanding of my job. So we support each other when one of us is busier so we can both be flexible. And I think that the most important thing is that you look forward to your job with great joy and a lot of fun - then working is half as bad 😉

How does Zielpuls support you?

At Zielpuls, I have the opportunity to work very flexibly and to be able to arrange my own working hours most of the time. Especially during the Corona Lockdown and the associated home schooling and childcare, it was also possible to flexibly arrange my working hours. Not being tied to the classic 9 to 5 job made the situation much more relaxed. All colleagues, especially the management, were very understanding of the individual situation and challenge.

The most important thing is that Zielpuls has great trust in its employees, that they perform their work on their own responsibility and that every step is not controlled.

In addition, despite my part-time employment, I have been given the opportunity to develop professionally and personally and have been entrusted with the management of the HR department. I am very grateful for this, as I am aware that this is not possible in every company.

Do you have any advice for parents who want to balance family and career?

Choosing a job that you really enjoy 😊 But it also takes a lot of organization and planning to be able to combine family and career. For example, I deliberately work part-time to be able to do justice to both sides. A modern family structure is certainly also an important aspect: both partners have equal rights and have their tasks in the family.


Norman Henkel Working Parent

Norman Henkel, Managing Partner

How do you manage to balance family and job?

Especially in times of Corona, time management and organization are everything. Otherwise, it was usually a matter of getting off to school in the morning and making phone calls to customers and consulting with employees or project managers on the way.

How does Zielpuls support you?

The flexible working hours are a relief and the entrustment of responsibility is motivating.  For example, the flexible working hours meant that I could still work in the evenings when my son was already in bed.

Above all, the team's appreciation and consideration make it easy to combine family and job.

Do you have any advice for parents who want to balance family and career?

Sure, just apply at Zielpuls!



Andreas Becker Working Parent

Andreas Becker, Principal and Working Parent

How do you manage to balance family and job?

It is important to prioritize in the job and to leave less important things alone. Instead of building up overtime, make realistic plans with the customer and the team. You should also set up deputies for important issues.

We arrange the private distribution of childcare per weekday as regularly as possible, and once a week I check with my partner to see if there are any exceptions.

In the household, we make sure that tasks that can be done well with children (depending on their age) are also done together. The children are actively involved in this.

I also schedule fixed times for myself.

How does Zielpuls support you?

Zielpuls offers me a lot of freedom in shaping my area of responsibility. I can determine my own schedule relatively well and react flexibly to family requirements.

There is a general understanding of the needs of young parents and therefore a willingness to make the most effective use of parental leave, vacations, etc.

Do you have any advice for parents who want to balance family and career?

In any case, you should coordinate a lot with your partner and colleagues regarding appointments. You also have to reflect on what is really right for your own life situation.

For example, you can temporarily reduce your workload for the "critical" years and, if possible, accept help or look for childcare support.



A big thank you to our Working Parents - for the interviews and for the great job you're doing!

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