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Dorra Bisztricz is a Cloud and Digitalization Expert at Zielpuls and thus works in an area that is still little occupied by women. Dorra is an absolute IT expert in her field and can therefore help many customers and colleagues with problems. In the interview she tells us whether she always wanted to become a software developer and what tasks she is confronted with in her job.

Have you always wanted to become a software developer? If so, why? If not, how did it you still become one?

Ever since I studied at university and had my first courses in software development, the subject had captivated me. I still remember the first algorithms I wrote in PASCAL.

Back then I developed an app that could make characters blink. It was fantastic - with this experience I felt the power of code writing for the first time! Of course, that was a long time ago, but it was enough to arouse my passion!

What fascinates you most about your job as a programmer?

As a programmer, you don't stop at writing code. You are always looking for the best way to achieve your goal. So you can write code, optimize it and try out different tools and approaches. What fascinates me is how many options you have to solve the same problem and how many problems you can solve with just one skillset.

What do you like about your employer Zielpuls and your current job?

What I like about my work as a Computer Science Engineer at Zielpuls is the way I get to grips with other, new technologies and business requirements. I learn something new every day, not only from the projects themselves, but also from my colleagues and other teams.

What advice do you give women who want to get involved in IT or mathematical-technical professions?

Quite clearly: invest in yourself. Learning is a big part of this job, you have to be prepared to learn new topics every day. New technologies are released on the market all the time, which bring new challenges for everyone in this field: You have to be able to keep up with the pace.

Why do you think there is still a lack of women in the IT industry?

I think the answer lies in culture and society. We women are generally less inclined to do engineering because of the education we receive. Several associations and organisations are working very hard to change this, but it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. I hope I will live long enough to see this change for the better.

What are the motives for a computer scientist to work in a management consultancy?

As an IT expert you help the client to make the right decisions through your technical input. In general, you start with a black box, try to understand what the customer needs and then deliver options that lead to solutions.

This ranges from concepts, research, proof-of-concepts to implementing solutions within a team. This consulting aspect coupled with my technical expertise is a great combination for me. That is why I have chosen a consulting company.

What future trends do you see in IT?

That is a really difficult question. I think there are several areas that will pick up speed and trigger new trends. Of course, AI, virtual reality and so many other technologies will continue to grow, but what I'm personally really excited about is what the future of quantum computing looks like and how it will impact the healthcare industry in particular.

Thanks Dorra for the interview and for encouraging more women to choose a career in IT!



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