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We proudly present: the Zielpuls Culture Club! Adrian and Zhan took the chance and founded the internal Zielpuls Club to network on a cultural level! Often you are in your own (cultural) bubble, although there is a lot to learn and discover outside of it! Adrian has now explained to us what the Zielpuls Culture Club is all about!


Adrian, why did you start Zielpuls Culture Club?

Actually, the whole thing was born out of Zhan's and my friendship. We are both very interested and enthusiastic about culture and got to know each other in our early days at Zielpuls.

We started exchanging ideas about China and Germany quite quickly. When it came to the question of how we could get involved at Zielpuls, we came up with the idea of building a bridge between China and Munich and Wolfsburg to support cultural exchange within the company.

Apart from that, we are of course driven by our interest in culture and cultural exchange both privately and professionally. It was important to us that we have the opportunity to live these values within Zielpuls.


Why do you think multi-cultural exchange is so important in the company?

It's not so much a belief as a fact: Intercultural exchange and intercultural teams promote creativity, productivity and have a positive impact on all areas of life. The world is becoming more and more global and it is important to get out of your tiny bubble.


What opportunities are there in the Zielpuls Culture Club?

Basically, there is the possibility to link and connect on a cultural level. You can arrange to go to different events, do cultural activities together or find language tandem partners to improve your language skills. In addition, there is the possibility to share different cultural events and information about your own country and to get involved in any way you want, e.g. organize a brownbag session on different country-specific topics, etc..

There are no limits to your imagination.


What do you want to achieve with the Zielpuls Culture Club?

We basically want to promote exchange, make Zielpuls more colorful and encourage colleagues to network more - both professionally and privately.

We want to create more awareness for a globally connected world and make Zielpuls an even more international and attractive company. We want to strengthen Zielpuls' strengths, so to speak, and make use of our full potential.


We love this  idea and look forward to hearing more from the Zielpuls Culture Club! Thanks for the interview Adrian!


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