VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge in May 2022

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The Autonomous Driving Challenge is going into the second round and will take place this year on May 20th 2022 at the Campus of Ideas, the Accenture Office in Munich. After the model cars were not allowed to start on the race track last year due to the pandemic, we are even happier to announce the renewed start of the event!


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VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge 2022 - Save the Date

The event, the competition - the facts:

Organised by the  VDI Bezirksverein München, Ober- und Niederbayern e.V. and sponsored by Accenture, the competition offers students and young professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the promising field of autonomous driving.

The initiative of the VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge sees the competition as a mission to continuously expand professional and creative skills  in the context of developing autonomous driving functions.

Self-built or modified model cars on a scale of 1:8 will compete in the competition. The race track includes a pit stop, where challenges such as parking or leaving highway exits await the participating teams.

The basic requirements for participation are the following features of the miniature cars:

  • Autonomous driving through the race track
  • Carrying out a series of parking scenarios
  • "Connected Driving" with other participants

Several teams from all over Europe will be competing, facing the challenge in front of a top-class jury consisting of renowned experts from the industry.

In addition to the competitive character, the event also places special emphasis on the networking aspect between the students and the participating experts and sponsors.

In summary, the event offers a unique opportunity to test one's own knowledge and expertise that has already been gained in the field of autonomous driving in a challenging environment.


Which components are evaluated in the competition?

The evaluation of the performance is based on three components. These consist of:

  • Software concept
  • Selected components and hardware of the vehicles (VDI Supercup)
  • Design and sensor integration


VDI Supercup and VDI Cup

The Challenge is divided into two competitions to be selected.

The VDI Supercup is almost unrestricted in its competition conditions and gives the most space for programming and creation. The VDI Cup, on the other hand, is mainly aimed at comparing different programming, based on prefabricated platforms.

It is important to know that prefabricated, "ready-to-use" car kits are available for both challenges. If required, these can be requested.


Application as a team until April 30th, 2022

The application deadline for teams has unfortunately expired! - Our teams are fixed.



Where and when will the VDI AD Challenge take place?

On 20th of May 2022

On the Campus of Ideas - Accenture Office Munich

Application deadline: 30th of April 2022


Programme schedule:

09.00: Registration and reception

10.00 a.m.: Welcome and drawing of the starting order

11.30 a.m.: Preparation time

11.30 a.m.: Start of the static disciplines

12.30 hrs: Start of the dynamic disciplines

16.00 hrs: Start of the time trial & acceleration race

18.00 hrs: Award ceremony

19.00: Get together with music and drinks



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