“Status Quo 2021”, OEM Benchmark Study on autonomous driving

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Zielpuls OEM Benchmark Study, Status Quo 2021 (study only available in German language)

Digitalization, urbanization and sustainability - megatrends that are influencing and shaping today's society to an unprecedented degree. Just like our society, the automotive industry is undergoing continuous and rapid change. These current challenges are often described by the acronym CASE. CASE stands for Connectivity (connected vehicles), Autonomous (autonomous vehicles), new business models in a Shared Economy, and Electric for electric drives. Particularly great promises of progress lie in the area of autonomous driving. Against this background and for a fundamental understanding of the current state of development of autonomous driving, Zielpuls prepared the benchmark study "Status Quo 2021: On the way to autonomous driving".

Fifteen automotive groups were compared and analyzed with regard to four comparison criteria

  • availability of (partially) automated systems on the market
  • system quality
  • over-the-air update capability
  • cooperation capability

in the period up to the end of 2021.

As a result, it was found that the legal conditions currently in place are one of the main obstacle to the series production of autonomous driving vehicles. Currently, the most automated systems are traffic jam pilots that enable highly automated driving. Other systems, such as Mercedes-Benz's "Automated Valet Parking" , have a relatively higher degree of automation, but can only be included in the comparison to a limited extent due to their limited possible application.

The study also examines the system quality of (partially) automated highway assist systems and concludes that German premium manufacturers and Tesla exhibit particularly high quality.

Beyond this finding, the analysis shows that, compared to Tesla, extensive partnerships between various market participants are common in most cases in order to bundle expertise for the development of autonomous driving and share investments.

In-car software updates and upgrades over-the-air will play a major role in the future in transferring autonomous driving software, which is being developed at increasingly shorter intervals, to the car.

In the conclusion, the benchmark study states that in order to remain competitive as an OEM, the change to a software-defined vehicle is inevitable. Based on this, the study identifies requirements and necessary structural and technological conditions and derives from them fields of action for the further development of autonomous driving. The focus of the fields of action here is on building the hardware and software architecture tailored to (partially) autonomous systems, which are required for the realization of autonomous driving.

Download the study

The full study can be accessed via the following link and provides companies, as well as generally interested parties, with an in-depth insight into the topics listed. Download the Zielpuls OEM benchmark study Status Quo 2021: On the way to autonomous driving here.
In this context it is noted that the study is only available in German language.


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