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Michael Rödig is an expert in the field of automotive security.  In an interview, he explains how his everyday work is structured and why the topics of security and privacy are of the utmost importance to all companies.

Why are security and privacy strategic future topics, especially in consulting, and what is the perspective?

The worldwide digitalization is not only through COVID-19 further on the advance. Besides the known advantages, this also brings risks for companies and their customers. Security and privacy are important pillars that can generate real added value if they are properly anchored in the processes of companies. However, this process change cannot always be managed alone. In addition, it makes sense in this context to have the subject of risk assessment in particular carried out by an independent third party.

For the future, it is particularly important to be resilient to cyber attacks, since the question is not if, but when one becomes a victim of a such an attack.

How has the topic evolved at Zielpuls itself and how has it developed with Zielpuls' customers?

Our security team has more than doubled in the last three years. Based on our strong presence in the automotive sector, we recognized security and privacy issues as future fields early on and have been steadily expanding our projects ever since. Recently, we have also received an increasing number of enquiries from other industries such as the healthcare sector. For most of our customers, this topic is gaining more and more importance. There are many new topics like the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO), the upcoming automotive security standard ISO/SAE 21434. The UN regulation UNECE WP.29, makes the subject of security relevant for type approval from mid 2022. All these require active actions on the part of car manufacturers and their suppliers.

However, we have also recognized the need for action internally and are therefore trying to strengthen the awareness of this important topic within the team and constantly expand our expert knowledge.

What makes daily work particularly exciting?

There are two main points I would like to address: Firstly, the risk assessments in our projects enable us to get to know big parts of modern vehicles. You learn something new almost every day. On the other hand, we see immense development potential in many industries in the security and privacy sector. Here we can achieve great things as a team and actively shape the future.

Last but not least, as part of Accenture's Industry X business unit, we are just getting to know completely new areas of the security world.

To what extent does the day-to-day work of a consultant involve in-depth technical knowledge?

This is another point that makes working on our projects very exciting. We have the full spectrum - from pure process consulting to a strong technical focus and technical depth. This starts with the security relevance assessment right at the start of development and extends to supplier management and risk assessments and extends to support for penetration tests to identify security gaps at an early stage.

We cover the entire development lifecycle and are currently working our way towards post-production. This will become increasingly important in the future with the topics of incident management and incident response.

What makes Zielpuls special as a consulting company?

Zielpuls is not just a technology consultancy. True to our motto "Technology & People", we always focus on people as well. This is not only noticed by our customers in the projects in which we try to identify their individual needs each time anew and to generate added value through agility and high quality. This is also noticed by each individual team member, who can change projects flexibly or work on a topic for a longer period of time. Especially in times of COVID-19 and the associated strong virtual presence, we notice that we are moving even closer together as a team.

Thanks Michael for the informative interview and the exciting insight into the world of security!
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