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A team at Zielpuls participated in the Porsche Next OI Competition.
Porsche has launched the competition to get inspired by new groundbreaking ideas

in cooperation with the connected car development platform High Mobility (https://www.high-mobility.com/). Check out the link at http://www.porsche-next-oi-competition.com/

Our pitch team consisted of Alex, Felix, Dominik, Sebastian and Till-Max. They have developed a language assistant for Porsche that offers the driver clear added value with its unexpected user-friendliness. You get in the car and the car guides you. It talks to you and clarifies your needs (where to go? Is there enough fuel? etc.). Our Porsche language assistant establishes an emotional relationship with its customer.

On May 9th Zielpuls will pitch its solution in Ludwigsburg among the best 20 teams that were selected by Porsche.

Porsche will then select the best 7 and invite them to the final award ceremony on May 19th in Berlin.

The best 3 teams get to do a pilot project for Porsche and even receive a cash bonus of 1,911 euros, 9,110 euros and 10,911 euros.

Keep your fingers crossed to win the Porsche Next OI Competition!

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