Maja speaks about her Zielpuls return & women in technical professions

Zielpuls | News | Maja speaks about her Zielpuls return & women in technical professions

We are particularly pleased when employees want to return to Zielpuls. Maja Stich, Junior Technology Pioneer in Wolfsburg, is also one of the returnees. She has been part of the Zielpulsbande again since April 1, 2021, and told us in an interview why she came back, how her collaboration with clients works, how she is committed to networking women with MINT degrees in Femtec.Alumnae.eV, and why she advocates equal opportunities in technical education.


Maja, what was the decisive reason for you to return to Zielpuls?

The working atmosphere. I already appreciated that as a working student. In addition, the work offers a lot of variety, you can actively help shape things and take on responsibility.


Did your "time out" give you new perspectives on your work at Zielpuls?

Through new and different experiences, you always bring fresh perspectives. For example, my experience in other departments and companies helps me bring further input to the projects and think outside the box.


What is it like working with clients and your project team as a Junior Technology Pioneer?

Each member of the project team has his or her own role, so as a Junior Technology Pioneer I am also responsible for a specific area of the project. This means that I am the contact person for our clients and I am in close contact with them. Cooperation in the project team is characterized by flat hierarchies and mutual support.


What is special about the Wolfsburg location?

The feeling of togetherness and of course our office dog Emma! Due to the manageable size, all colleagues know each other and we see us as one whole team.


You are involved with Femtec.Alumnae e.V. - what are your visions and why is it important for you to network women who are enthusiastic about technology?

The vision is Women.Change.Society.
(Professional) networks are an integral and important part in many fields. Women with a MINT background still tend to be the minority these days, making networking all the more important. Through the diversity in job fields, backgrounds and stories of the members, you get completely new impulses and also have a space to advocate for larger changes and contribute to it together.


Why do you advocate for more women in technical professions?

I don't just advocate for more women in technical professions. I think it's especially important that there is no exclusion due to external circumstances. Everyone should be able to pursue a profession that gives them energy and for which they have a passion. That's why I think it's important to show young girls and women the diversity of technical professions and to create an approach to technical topics that appeals to them.
If we manage to reduce the barriers in technical professions and bring positive changes, then I am confident that more women will also enter and stay in technical professions.


Thanks for the interview Maja - we love that you're actively pushing tech-savvy women forward!
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