Laura about her passion for road cycling and Female Cycling Force

Zielpuls | News | Laura about her passion for road cycling and Female Cycling Force

A good work-life balance is important, and our "Zielpuls-Banden" members know that too.
That's why we would like to introduce you to Laura and her passion for road cycling. Laura enriches our team as Associate Technology Pioneer in Munich. In her private life she finds her balance in sports.

We asked her about this passion and her work at Zielpuls.

What do you particularly appreciate about your work at Zielpuls?

"I appreciate the diversity in the team, the modern corporate approaches, the many nice colleagues, the flexibility in the daily work routine and the great trust that is put in me as an individual."

What are your responsibilities as an Associate Technology Pioneer?

"I'm currently working as a product owner for a large OEM in app development, I'm responsible for various onboard apps there and I lead an external development team."

How do you manage to balance your job?

"Sports have always been very important for me, as a balance besides my job. It helps me sort out my thoughts and switch off. The whole thing preferably in the fresh air. I have been an avid road cyclist since 2019 and love the feeling of freedom that cycling gives me."

You are part of the Female Cycling Force. What makes this project so special?

"Female Cycling Force is a heart project for me because it connects many different power women. What connects us is the common passion for road cycling. But the focus is on personal exchange and togetherness.
PS: In the current "Tour" (Europe's biggest road cycling magazine) there is a 6-page article about us, if anyone wants to know more!"

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