Interview with Zielpuls managing director Markus Frey: Autonomous driving

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Of hurdles and challenges - the VDI/VDE magazine "Technik in Bayern" (TiB) asks

TiB 'Technik in Bayern' spoke to our managing director Markus Frey about his vision of autonomous driving


TiB: Mr. Frey, you and your team have been advising major automotive groups and mobility service providers in the field of autonomous driving for years and are involved in the development of new mobility solutions. What are the biggest hurdles still to be overcome?

Frey: We already have prototypes and test fleets on our roads today. Preliminary stages - generally in the form of assistance systems of varying degrees of maturity - can also be found in daily use by our customers.

On the one hand, it is now necessary to develop the technology quickly and ensure that vehicles react safely even in unlikely new situations. Depending on the willingness of individual providers to take risks, current assistance systems will approach autonomous driving functions iteratively and in small steps. From level 3 to levels 4 and 5, this will give a further significant boost to customer perception.

On the other hand, work is also being done to democratize technology in order to make it mass-compatible, secure and, not least, affordable. For a vehicle in the luxury class over 100t€ this is easier than for entry-level classes under 20t€.


TiB: How must OEMs position themselves to be fit for the future?

Autonomous driving will change the customer's driving experience more than the still ongoing introduction of electric drives. Vehicle manufacturers' value creation, which used to be based on sheet metal and the engine, is changing massively towards vehicle software. There are completely new competitors and suppliers with much greater expertise in the software area than many OEMs have today.

This requires very demanding change processes in development. Only those who set the right course decisively and quickly now and also expand their ecosystem with strong partners will be able to prevail in the consolidation process later.

Design and horsepower used to be the selection criteria - in future, driving experiences and sustainability aspects will be high on the buyers' list of priorities.

The following link provides more information about Zielpuls' involvement in the VDI Autonomous Driving Challenge 2020.

The interview was published by the VDI/VDE magazine "Technik in Bayern" (TiB) ( forwarding to german interview), the issue will appear at the end of February with the main topic: "Automated driving in competition".

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