Interview with our Senior Project Manager Johannes Esterer

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What does a Senior Project Manager at Zielpuls actually do? In the following interview with our Senior Project Manager Johannes Esterer we will learn more about the importance of his work.


A conversation with our Senior Project Manager Johannes Esterer.


You are now Senior Project Manager at Zielpuls GmbH. How would you describe your career so far?


Shortly before finishing my master’s degree I thought about how I wanted to start my professional career. As a trained mathematician, I knew that basic scientific research was interesting but not the path I wanted to pursue professionally. At a job fair I came across Zielpuls and after completing some friendly job interviews I quickly realized I would be in good hands working here.

As a young professional and complete rookie in the automotive industry I was able to evolve quickly and purposefully thanks to the great support from my fellow co-workers, the exposure to very interesting topics and my ability to be proactive.

At Zielpuls I not only want to provide technological and methodical advice. Most importantly I want to introduce the essential mindset. It is important to establish systemic thinking in our customers and apply this mindset not only to processes, methods and tools but also to all the forms of management and organizations. This way of thinking is necessary to navigate our complex environment and as a Senior Project Manager I want to encourage this mindset in all our teams.


As a Senior Project Manager, what does your typical day at work look like at Zielpuls?


A typical day at work doesn’t really exist for me. There are times where I work very closely with large teams on customer projects. But I also work in very small groups in our office developing concepts and methods. I then use all the knowledge I’ve acquired and apply it to our internal projects. It is very important to reflect on what adds value to oneself and Zielpuls at the same time and then move forward in that direction.


What is the difference between Project Manager and Senior Project Manager?


Apart from leading the project according to standards and quality requirements, a Senior Project Manager must convey the necessary skills to the entire team and multiply those skills. Therefore, he serves as a role model to his team. If properly done, he can quickly phase out of projects and work on several other projects simultaneously.


What challenges do you think will our customers face in project management?


Our customers have to realize that projects, especially large and complex ones, cannot be broken down into individual and isolated sub-projects. The connections between those smaller parts are usually more complex than anticipated, just like the end result of the requested project. Therefore, the authority in charge must always consider all the correlating factors and continuously develop them further. It is important that products, processes, projects, as well as organizations are aligned to avoid silo thinking.


You have gained a lot of professional experience working at Zielpuls for several years now and managing various customer projects. What do you find most appealing working as an experienced employee at Zielpuls GmbH?


After my first job interview at the Zielpuls fair I knew right away I wanted to work for this company. Here you can work together professionally in a team and still be true to yourself. After working for more than five years at Zielpuls I still feel this way and I think this is not very common.


Many thanks to Johannes Esterer for sharing your experiences as a Senior Project Manager!


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