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What does a Senior Expert at Zielpuls actually do? In the following interview with our Senior Expert in Electric/Electronic Nico Thiersch we will learn more about the importance of his work.


A conversation with our Senior Expert in Electric/Electronic Nico Thiersch.


You are now Senior Expert in Electric/Electronic at Zielpuls GmbH. How did you become interested in E/E?


I think the automotive Electric/Electronic is a very exciting and versatile field which I was involved in from the early beginning of my career. I have worked for two major OEMs in the power train development on different tasks in the E/E field. There I gained several experience with HW/SW-functions, architecture and boardnet system, which inspired me for topics related to the electric drive train. My fist contact with Zielpuls happened from an OEMs E/E perspective and already attracted my attention for this innovative and dynamic corporate culture combined with highest quality awareness.


As a Senior Expert in E/E, what does your typical day at Zielpuls look like? 


We usually start the day with a project team meeting, so each team member can shortly report about their current work topics. Since we face increasing targets and expectations always in shorter time frames, it is very important to respond extremely fast and agile to customer updates, changes and challenges. After those meetings I focus on any upcoming project tasks in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. My experience is very beneficial for my current project but also extremely useful during updates and with other projects in cross-sectional projects, in order to provide an optimal knowledge transfer and best practice sharing. Nowadays there are increasingly complex systems and functions in a vehicle, which requires a good and continuous coordination of interfaces. Therefor we try to synchronize with other projects on a daily basis to utilize synergies and common interfaces. This also happens across locations with our E/E colleagues in Munich. Since our customer is most important to us, we ensure to have regular meetings with them. This is not only beneficial in respect of exchange, project update or synchronizing changes but also to consider and react quickly to customer needs.


How would you describe E/E?


The Electric/Electronic provides an important basis for establishing the actual infrastructure in a vehicle. This enables basic system functions and furthermore features and services will be feasible. The different paths of communication, energy supply and data processing in a vehicle are basically described in a vehicle boardnet. That includes for example electronic control units with related software, vehicle wiring harness as well as sensors and actuators. Certainly the E/E also plays an essential role for the disruptive automotive future trends like electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and shared mobility.


What challenges do you think will we and our customers face in E/E?


Mainly driven by the four major automotive trends, there will be certainly a higher and higher proportion of electronic and software in a vehicle in the future. The vehicle itself will be like a high performance computer on four wheels. Besides the further increasing electrification of power trains, the two fields Autonomous Driving and Connectivity, both with special focus on Functional Safety and IT-Security requirements, will receive increasing impact in relation to the boardnet system and their E/E components. In my opinion it should be a given standard for us, to have a good system understanding to be able to control the increasing complex functions and systems in a vehicle. For all technical developments which we support and drive, we should also keep focus on the target to offer innovative technologies and electromobility that are also affordable for the end customer.



Many thanks to Nico Thiersch for sharing your experiences as a Senior Expert in Electric/Electronic!


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