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What does an expert at Zielpuls actually do? In the following interview with our expert in electrics/electronics Sebastian Kranz we will learn more about the importance of his work.


A conversation with our expert in electrics/electronics Sebastian Kranz.


How would you describe your career so far?


I had great respect entering the professional world, but at Zielpuls they trained and encouraged me from the very first moment. I was so fascinated with my first project that it led me to read a lot of scientific literature. I was also able to acquire more and more technical knowledge at conferences and symposia and thus take on more and more demanding tasks.


As an expert in electrics/electronics, what does your typical day at work look like at Zielpuls?


In addition to managing my own project, I offer my expertise to support many other projects. Several times a day colleagues stop by to discuss problems, ask questions or to have something explained to them. Additionally, I offer trainings and coachings to share my know-how.


What is the difference between a technology consultant and an E/E expert?


One major difference is the broader range of expert knowledge. I‘m not only responsible for my own project, but I´m also very involved in other joint projects with my colleagues in Wolfsburg and China. Moreover, I believe an expert has the responsibility to identify and incorporate cutting-edge technology, even before our customers realize its value.


What do you think are the biggest challenges our customers will face regarding E/E?


Cars nowadays are expected to keep up with the fast pace of the entertainment industry, which therefore hugely impacts the E/E area.
For example, our smartphones nowadays must be able to communicate with the car. Due to constantly new emerging and evolving apps, the car must adapt and obtain remote software updates. Furthermore, because of all the external interfaces it is becoming more and more difficult to uphold security against hackers. In addition, the large amounts of data require new transmission technologies and other topologies within the vehicle.


You have gained a lot of professional experience working at Zielpuls for several years now and managing various customer projects. What do you find most appealing working as an experienced employee at Zielpuls GmbH?


The company has a lot of trust in me and my abilities, so I have the freedom to structure my work myself. I´m always in close contact with other experts as well as our HR team, therefore I’m able to implement my own ideas independently and quickly, for example regarding my training courses. I know here at Zielpuls I’m highly valued not only for my work, but as a person.


Many thanks to Sebastian Kranz for sharing your experiences as an expert in electrics/electronics!


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