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Four questions to Carola Burghardt, technology consultant at Zielpuls in Wolfsburg. In an interview with our consultant, we learn what makes her and her work so special.

A conversation with our technology consultant Carola Burghardt.

Carola, you just return to Zielpuls after one year of parental leave. How does it feel to be back here?

It feels really good to come back after a year. Despite some new faces in the office, I immediately felt part of Zielpuls again. A year may sound like a long time, but it doesn't seem that way to me. Thanks to the flexible working hours, it was also easy for me to return to work after my parental leave.


What does your everyday work as a technology consultant look like at Zielpuls?

My day is very varied. Actually, no day is the same as any other, because our projects are so different and every project progress demands new ways of thinking. As a technology consultant, I am very agile and always use the tools that are needed in the respective situation.


For over 3 years you have been part of the Zielpuls team in Wolfsburg. How has the Zielpuls location Wolfsburg changed since then?

For me, the biggest change is the extreme growth in the number of employees. Zielpuls has grown considerably throughout Germany in recent years, especially at the Wolfsburg location: initially I was sitting in a small office with three other consultants. We received active support from our colleagues at our Munich headquarters. This was very important in order to get the working method and the Zielpuls culture from Munich directly exemplified. We now have over 30 employees working permanently in Wolfsburg. But Zielpuls continues to grow. Next year we will move to a larger office in the centre of Wolfsburg with new, modern workplaces. I'm particularly looking forward to this, because it means we're well prepared for the further expansion of our team.


In addition to your work as a technology consultant, you have also taken on a number of internal tasks. What do you like about it?

By assuming internal roles, Zielpuls enables everyone to actively contribute to the creation of a wide range of corporate areas and implement new ideas. For me, these internal roles are a good complement to my project tasks. This allows me to develop not only professionally, but also personally.

When I coach new colleagues, for example, I pass on my knowledge and experience and make it easier for them to join our Zielpuls team.

In recruiting I support by representing Zielpuls together with colleagues at job fairs. When conducting job interviews, I can use my communication skills, use my network and expand it. The further development of internal processes and tools also allows me to help shape my day-to-day work and learn new things.


Thank you Carola for sharing your experiences with us!

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