Holacracy is a stabilizer in uncertain times

Zielpuls | News | Holacracy is a stabilizer in uncertain times

Pause or postpone important votes or decisions in uncertain times? Of course not - thanks to Holacracy!

The current time may be an uncertainty for many. Employees don't see each other at the office, because they work from home and perhaps they won't approach the important decisions in familiar bodies as usual. It also could seem to be more difficult to start new big projects, because the "team-storming" phase can't be spent together as usual. At Zielpuls all these points are no problem thanks to the Holacracy Framework. In this way we sharpen roles, make decisions and bring transparency to current to-dos.

Author: Katrin Schober - Holacracy pioneer and Principal at Zielpuls


Holacracy Framework at Zielpuls

We have over 200 employees working in over 600 roles in the Holacracy framework. This means that each employee has documented an average of three of his or her lived roles in the company and the projects in the framework - for himself or herself, as well as for the clarity of the respective colleagues in his or her context. A formulated purpose shows the respective direction that the employee is pursuing in his or her role. Documented accountabilities show which activities he/she carries out in order to fulfil this purpose. At the same time, this ensures which expectations colleagues may have of the employee in his or her role. And all this is not only up-to-date - it is available and documented in real time.

Thanks to this well-functioning machine of self-organisation, there are no outdated information stands, AKVs or RACI tables. This is a huge advantage for Zielpuls and its clients!

Process roles in the framework

An important component is the availability of well trained process roles for the framework. At Zielpuls about 10% of all employees are internally trained for the framework and able to lead through the framework - in the roles of the so-called "Secretary" or "Facilitator". In this way, we are not only able to continue to provide excellent project work, coordination and decision-making during this time, but also to continue to be successful. Of course, we also succeed in working with our colleagues from Accenture across locations and companies.

Meeting forms: Holacracy Tacticals and Governance

Important current management topics are discussed in the style of Holacracy-Tacticals. One advantage - not to be underestimated during this time - is the "check-in" at the beginning of every tactical meeting. Before it comes to key figures, metrics and agenda items, every employee in the tactical meeting has the opportunity to "check in" in his role. Through this nobody will be forgotten: Everyone has their turn, everyone has their say in the meeting and in this phase they can easily speak about something which is currently bothering them. Afterwards he/she can dive into his/her role for the meeting. This creates an incredibly human closeness to each other.

Through the meeting form of Governance, we are able to make important business decisions, form roles, create and adjust structures. In our so-called "Holacracy Company Circle", all important corporate structures of Zielpuls are actively represented, from HR to IT to customer projects. Adjustments are possible at any time and even major innovations and changes are no problem during this time. In the governance framework we have absolute clarity about how decisions are made in our company. These decision-making processes are transparent and visible to everyone. They are applied professionally throughout - from management to working student.

We dare to form the essential structure nodes and processes through and with Holacracy for Zielpuls and our customers! We have trained ourselves fit for change!


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