BMW and Zielpuls develop mobility app “Urby Mobility”

Zielpuls | News | General | BMW and Zielpuls develop mobility app “Urby Mobility”

How will mobility change in the coming years? Ilja Stucken and Felix Müller from Zielpuls in conversation with Benjamin Krebs, head of the BMW Mobility Lab, about future scenarios, challenges and cooperation in "Urby Mobility", a trend-setting project for mobility services.

The conversation was moderated and recorded by Reiner Gärtner

Ilja Stucken: "A better flow of traffic, individual on-demand mobility with potentially fewer vehicles - when we started to work together on our project Urby Mobility, I wondered how you would approach this question from within an automobile company. Technological and logistical challenges aside: do you feel that you at BMW Mobility Lab are a cultural agent of change, too?"

Benjamin Krebs: "We started BMW Mobility Lab to advance ideas and projects that don't have their own line of business yet. We challenge ourselves to think ahead and want to invest in areas that aren't fleshed out or don't contribute to our core business right away. At the same time, we at BMW are already right in the middle of a transformation: our colleagues at the Service and Sharing division who have already developed Drive NOW have a mindset that's similar to our own. In other words: we define our daily work at BMW Mobility Lab as working on ideas that for now are not much more than a headline. At the same time, we keep our customers' perspective in mind - they want services that can solve real problems. We want to develop real projects from a very early, fuzzy state forward - not just to learn something, but to contribute something to our operations, too." (...)

You can read the whole expert discussion here.

More information about the Urby Mobility App can be found here.

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