Cynthia shares how her Zielpuls career began

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Whether you're just starting out or have some professional experience - starting a new job is always an exciting chapter. We asked Cynthia Löbke, Associate Technology Pioneer, how her career started at Zielpuls, what she is doing now and in which direction she is pushing her path at Zielpuls!

How did you discover Zielpuls and what are your activities here?

Before I joined Zielpuls, I worked for 3 years for a service provider in the automotive industry in the Interior test, but at some point I was looking for a new challenge. I came across Zielpuls through a job ad on Xing and was quickly impressed. The website and also the reviews on Kununu were convincing.

At first it seemed like a big, technical change, but now, a lot of my knowledge and skills I am bringing to my new job as a test manager for a software. As a test manager, I organize the test activities, am available as a toolexpert for the analysis software of ECUs and bus communication, and support the function manager and error manager in detecting errors, creating the corresponding error tickets, and verifying corrective actions. I have just taken over the project management for another, smaller project. Here I can transfer my previous experience to this new project environment.

How were you accepted into your team?

I was given a very warm welcome. It started with the personal signing of the contract, where all my questions were answered. A month before I started, there was a team event where I could get to know my new colleagues in an informal setting. The first day is much easier with familiar faces. In other ways, too, I've found that at Zielpuls, people always reach out to each other, whether it's at a get-to-know-you coffee with new colleagues, at one of the many lunches we have together, or even at a chance meeting in the kitchen. Corona certainly made it harder, but remote coffee also connects.

What was your induction like at Zielpuls?

Although I started as an experienced professional, I still received a full induction. I was assigned a coach with whom I could discuss everything and who taught me a lot about the Zielpuls culture. My colleagues from my project were always available to answer my questions, so I was able to get on smoothly with the project.

I was able to control the pace of my induction myself through the many consultations with my coach, project manager and HR manager.

All in all, I have to say that many companies advertise a coaching program, but Zielpuls really lives it.

What development opportunities do you see for yourself and your career at Zielpuls?

Zielpuls has an open career model with clearly defined criteria, which makes it easy to fit in. At the beginning, I wasn't sure which direction to take. I was able to address that openly in my performance review. Through this open approach to development opportunities, I realized over time which career path would allow me to further develop my strengths and at the same time make the best use of them. I started down this path via the project manager training at the beginning of the year.

Thank you Cynthia for the exciting insight into your career at Zielpuls!

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