Ali talks about his start & daily work routine at Zielpuls

Zielpuls | News | Ali talks about his start & daily work routine at Zielpuls

We are always looking for new talents, whether they are newcomers or experienced. In addition to the Zielpuls coaching, we want to create an exciting work environment for new members of the Zielpulsbande and offer them the opportunity for personal and professional development. Ali Shariati, Junior Technology Pioneer, shared a bit of the inside scoop!


Ali, tell us how your first two weeks at Zielpuls went?

I was very well received by the entire company from day one. My coach familiarized me with all organizational aspects.  In addition, I was familiarized with my project by my project colleagues. This enabled me to start working on the project very early on.

In addition, I was able to get to know many colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere after only a short time due to the regular weekly get-togethers.

Coincidentally, our annual project training camp took place during my second week. This is a weekend spent getting to know numerous methods of consulting. These are then tried out in practical situations. In the evenings, I spent the time in a festive mood with my colleagues. This gave me a special opportunity to get to know all my colleagues even better and to learn numerous methods. All in all, I would say that my first two weeks at Zielpuls could not have gone better.


And why did you choose Zielpuls?

I always wanted to start my career in consulting. The opportunity to gain a lot of experience in a very short time was the decisive reason for me.

When choosing my employer, I paid particular attention to two aspects: It should be a medium-sized company that nevertheless has large clients in its portfolio. This has the advantages that you can work on interesting tasks and that you have short ways to implement and realize ideas. In addition, through the customer projects, you also get to know how to work in a larger environment and learn to be convincing even in corporate structures. It was also important for me not to work in a pure strategy consulting firm. In order to have fun at work, it is not enough for me to simply create concepts. I would much rather be involved in the operational implementation and actively realize my ideas. Zielpuls seemed to be the right company for these two points and I am very glad that I was right.


What are your activities and what do you enjoy most about your work?

My activities at Zielpuls are divided into customer projects and internal projects. In my customer project, I work in process consulting in the automotive industry. The subject matter is very future-oriented and interdisciplinary. This is exactly where the challenge lies.

We help our customers to design processes and develop structures that make it possible to improve workflows and increase efficiency.

In terms of internal projects, I am involved in a strategic topic on the one hand and help to take the next big steps as a company within the framework of our growth strategy. In addition, with the help of some colleagues, I am working on the implementation of some digitization topics that we have initiated ourselves in terms of our technical and methodological competencies.

Because of the openness and helpfulness that I experience across all levels, I really enjoy working here. From the managers who support my ideas to the colleagues who help me implement them, everyone has a very positive and open attitude. The way we work together at Zielpuls inspires me.


What development opportunities do you see for yourself at Zielpuls?

I have worked out a clear plan for my future at Zielpuls with my supervisor. Even though these plans were challenged by the pandemic, I see no obstacles to actually achieving them. In addition to my personal and professional development, this also sets the initial course for my long-term career at Zielpuls based on my strengths and interests.


Thank you Ali for the interview and for the insight into your daily work at Zielpuls!

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