About work-life balance at Zielpuls and a flexible working schedule, an interview with Anna

Zielpuls | News | About work-life balance at Zielpuls and a flexible working schedule, an interview with Anna

How family and career can be combined at Zielpuls, that these two areas are not mutually exclusive, and what it's like to start a new job in times of a pandemic? Anna talks about her experiences in this regard in the following interview.


Anna, you've been part of the Zielpulsbande since September. How is it to start a new job in times of COVID-19 and how was your start at Zielpuls?

My start was very good. In September, the regulations were not so strict and the introductory event and the first meeting to get to know each other took place in person. After that, I was also in the office regularly and was even able to participate in a live team event. This is obviously easier than doing everything remotely from home.
In addition, Zielpuls provides every newcomer with a coach for the first 6 months. This helped me a lot to get familiar with everything.
Of course, the winter was spend at the home-office a lot, but that's just the challenge we all face right now. I try to make the best of it and network digitally as much as possible.

For Zielpuls, it is and always has been important to be able to combine family and work. What does that look like in practice for you?

I've always wanted my work to fit my life and not the other way around.

Sometimes it is quite a challenge to reconcile everything. Therefore, the possibility to work flexibly and to organize my day freely has been a very important aspect for me when choosing a job. At the same time, I don't want to be a "part-time mom", but I want to actively shape and advance my career - even if I can't and don't want to work the classic 5 days/week 9-5. Currently, my husband and I both work part-time and share the care work 50/50, so we both have time for our careers, our child and each other.

We wanted you to join our team a long time ago. Unfortunately, it didn't work out then, so why were we able to convince you of Zielpuls now?

A flexible work model and still being responsible for exciting, forward-looking topics was very important to me.
After 10 years in a very classic production environment at various OEMs, I also wanted to consciously take a different direction. The change of perspective to consulting is not the "classic" way - it's usually the other way around - but I find it extremely exciting and versatile. In addition to the professional factors, it also has to fit for me on a personal level. At Zielpuls, I immediately felt comfortable in the interviews and was able to be completely myself.

You already have professional experience, what makes Zielpuls better or worse than other companies?

I like that we are such a young and dynamic team. After many years in classic corporate structures with departments and hierarchies, I really appreciate our organizational form and collaboration.
Ultimately, however, it is enormously important to me that I feel comfortable and that I can develop personally and professionally. In this matter I experience Zielpuls to be very employee-oriented and people-centered.

What does your project day look like, what are you working on right now?

My project revolves around digital feature development for the vehicle. The client developed a maturity model, which was moved to a tool. We accompanied this move, support the user and continuously improve the model. My project day revolves around process diagrams, features, meetings and support.
Internally, I'm working on updating our competency management.

If you are not working how does a perfect vacation look like for you?

It's quite simple: paddling out to sea at sunrise, surfing, having a leisurely breakfast, playing on the beach with my daughter, eating delicious food, sleeping - repeat.

Thank you Anna for sharing your personal experiences in combining family and professional life at Zielpuls! 

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