About everyday life as a project manager and how to put autonomous driving functions on the road

Zielpuls | News | About everyday life as a project manager and how to put autonomous driving functions on the road

An interview with our project manager Dennis Strotmann

Dennis, right after graduating, you started working at Zielpuls. Today you work for us as a project manager in Wolfsburg. How would you describe your path so far?

My way at Zielpuls was and is definitely exciting. From the very beginning, I was responsible for complex and forward-looking tasks. These great challenges have grown my curiosity for tomorrow's technologies and my motivation. Especially at the beginning I had to learn how to deal with the ups and downs which are typical for projects. Getting used to new topics quickly and advancing them is essential. I have had good and important experiences with it. Since tasks can change again and again, I am constantly learning new things. It's nice to see the knowledge I've gained being used in a sustainable way within the project.


What does your typical daily life in the project look like?

Of course, there is a certain framework that we establish in our projects in order to work together well in a team and exchange ideas. For example, 15-minute team meetings in the morning help to efficiently discuss results, tasks and challenges. Structure and communication are important. Apart from that, no day is like the other. Challenges from many sides often impact on the projects, and it is essential to keep an overview and always focus on the agreed goals. In my current role, this is the most important part of my everyday life.


You have already carried out various projects in the field of autonomous driving. From your point of view, what are the central challenges for OEMs to get this technology into the vehicle?

In my vision, individual parties interact even more strongly in order to actually bring autonomous systems onto the road. A common mission must serve as the basis for development. All involved people from different areas and specializations work together towards a defined goal. These resulting interfaces must be mastered. An overriding binding process from concept through development to system testing must ultimately ensure the quality of the result. If we manage to develop such highly complex systems in a structured and complete way at all levels, nothing will stop us from autonomous driving functions.


After more than 3 years at Zielpuls you were able to gain some professional experience. What attracts you as an experienced employee at Zielpuls GmbH?

The high motivation in the team is always remarkable and drives me on. We try to make each other better. In addition, I get the chance to regularly improve my personal and professional skills. I like the fact that I can shape my career according to my expectations. Commitment, new ideas and co-designing are not slowed down at Zielpuls but actively supported.


Thank you Dennis for sharing your experiences and visions with us!


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