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Alternatives for Bavarian agriculture

Crops can make a strong contribution to the sustainable production of high-quality raw materials in the chemical industry. Suitable special crops for the production of plant extracts such as flavours and cosmetics or fibre plants for the production of materials have great potential to achieve a very high added value. The hurdle for the cultivation and utilisation of such potent crops lies in the complexity of the value chain and in particular in risk and interface management.

The State Office for Agriculture, together with the University of Regensburg and the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, want to open up new perspectives for Bavarian farmers with our help. In order to show farmers alternatives to the often very one-sided use of arable land, Zielpuls develops the software tool “Plantaro”. This serves to present risks, influencing factors and interfaces along the entire value chain.

First, data sets are created on selected, profitable crops, their preparation and further processing right through to end products. The information is based on interviews with relevant experts, existing databases and scientific/technical literature. An essential goal here is the identification of the relevant parameters with which the entire value chain of the examined plants can be checked for their technical, economic and ecological feasibility as well as their profitability. Zielpuls plays a key role in interviewing the experts, structuring the data and coordinating the requirements for the software.

Based on this database, Zielpuls develops the software-based planning tool “Plantaro”, which can be used to calculate and compare the influence of the various parameters. “Plantaro” can be used in many ways. It enables targeted risk and interface management in order to identify optimization potential along an existing value chain. New or alternative value chains can also be tested and compared,

Added value for the customer

For the State Office for Agriculture and its partners, “Plantaro” provides a sound basis for the planning of investments. It also serves as a basis for discussions with new stakeholders. Knowledge of the entire value chain from cultivation to marketing enables targeted risk and interface management and shows opportunities for new value chains and optimisation scenarios.


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"Plantaro" offers Bavarian farmers a new perspective

Our focus in the development of "Plantaro" is on looking at the entire value chain from cultivation to marketing, which has never existed in agriculture before. Our result: The cultivation of special crops for further use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry represents a serious alternative to the previous cultivation of energy crops for Bavarian farmers. In the project, we have succeeded in uniting very different worlds with a common goal in mind. Very different positions have been taken into account, from farmers and their plants, through chemists and their processes, to processors and their products. This would not have been possible without sensible management of the interfaces.

Dr. Marc Poppner

Managing Director