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Like any other networked system, the on-board network architecture of modern vehicles is exposed to a wide variety of threats. Above all, the various interfaces to vehicle functions, but also user data, are important resources that must be protected. An additional special feature in the automotive sector is the lengthy development process. In our project, the customer wants to define and implement methods and measures throughout the entire E/E development process in order to efficiently ensure compliance with regulations and standards already in the early phase.

Achieving a consistent, secure and at the same time cost-optimized vehicle requires an efficient and effective concept for security and privacy. Our range of activities in the area of “Security and Privacy” includes, among other things, the early and efficient integration of security-related requirements and changes into the development of vehicle functions and components. In addition, our range of services includes consulting with regard to methods, processes and documentation, support for those responsible for security in the selection of suppliers, supplier management, assessments, identification of measures and their implementation.

In particular, interface and committee management is a key success factor in ensuring the necessary communication flows in the highly networked development processes. In order to counteract the overall complexity, a suitable cutting of the components/functions to be considered is crucial, without disregarding sub-areas of the architecture. At the same time, however, an overall view is essential in order to ensure a seamless view.

Added value for the customer

Due to many years of experience and a broad network in the areas of E/E and automotive security, Zielpuls can efficiently address the corresponding challenges and generate added value. Zielpuls covers the entire development lifecycle. Our expert teams launch security and privacy at all levels and thus efficiently implement the complex cross-cutting issues.


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Security and privacy have immense development potential in the automotive sector

Based on our strong presence in the automotive sector, we recognized the topics of security and privacy as future fields early on. Where does this explosiveness come from for our customers? For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the upcoming automotive security standard ISO/SAE 21434, or the UN regulation UNECE WP.29, which will make security relevant for type approvals from mid-2022. All of this requires active action on the part of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

Michael Rödig

Technology Expert