The car interior of the future

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We bring the interior of the future onto the road.

As a result of digital change, the car will no longer just take us from A to B, but rather represent a holistic entertainment product in a class of its own. Our customer wants to master this trend and starts with us the hunt for networked functions in the interior.

At the beginning we develop future fields of action in the area of networked and intelligent customer functions in the interior in a market analysis. In workshops we identify the drivers of the future. Benchmarks and other market studies help us to refine the results. From this we derive the strategic approach for our client.

Using agile methods, we specify requirements for the interior of the future and create networked functions for future user groups. In order to serve the processes of established development models at the same time, we work with cross-functional teams and use synergies from various specialist areas. In addition to technical feasibility, business cases are calculated and test scopes are drawn up.

We bundle the concrete user functions in a comprehensible way for the individual departments and successfully coordinate them for Group-wide implementation. With the help of a tool chain analysis we accelerate the processes and establish a best practice. In this way, our Zielpuls team essentially supports our customer’s development projects and brings the networked functions into the vehicle of the future.

Added value for the customer

In this project we serve the requirements management in the early development phase and then prepare the hedging and integration phase. In addition, we combine classic development processes with agile methods to streamline processes. We are intensively concerned with the mobility of the future and new technologies and transfer this knowledge into a complex corporate world. Our great strength of internal networking and the knowledge advantage in the development infrastructure are the drivers for successful and targeted project implementation.


We advise you on strategic issues and we are your partner in technical implementation!


We are one step ahead of time!

Those who work with Zielpuls notice that we do not only keep up with the times, but also implement the big issues of the future with modern technologies. In this project it is important to think outside the box and to keep an eye on the mobility of the future. We build on our strong internal network and thus offer our customers broad knowledge and comprehensive, sustainable solutions.

Larissa Hammerstein

Technical Consultant