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We automate our customers' development tools.

The introduction of digitalization in the development environment saves time and thus costs. Our customer wants to extend his software tools and automate the test management. In the future, a high-end database system should cover essential parts of the customer's development processes.

The agile software development according to Scrum is for us a focus in the field of digitization. In this project we support our customer in the entire development process of the software, from setting up the user stories to automated tests of the user interface. As the interface between product owners, test teams and software developers, we coordinate the development process and implement the software functions in a targeted manner.

At the beginning, we compile the properties of the high-end database system in the product backlog. User stories help us to understand the customer’s problems and to specify the test cases. We then implement the functions step by step within defined sprints. For the java-based web application a simple user interface is designed to handle the fragmented data in a user-friendly way.

Added value for the customer

Our customer’s development teams are already using the software today and we are refining it further. With the help of test automation, the software can be significantly streamlined and improved. Our customer appreciates the fast support provided by our well-trained teams and our broad database know-how. We can implement the software updates overnight and provide a reusable test set for future developments. We introduce automated user tests and thus make a decisive contribution to software improvement.


Not only in the implementation of new software, but also in workshops and in the design of innovation and solutions..


We are shaping the digital future through our agile approach.

Digitalization in the development environment is characterized by new, innovative approaches. This is where we apply our methodical knowledge and accompany our customers on their way into the future. The balancing act between tried and tested solutions and new technologies is like the ups and downs of an obstacle course: many small building blocks have to be put together and hurdles overcome. Our drive, endurance and the desire for future projects are the drivers for our high quality.

Stephan Bauer

Senior Technology Expert