Highly automated driving and driver assistance systems

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We develop driver assistance systems on the way to highly automated driving.

Under growing competitive pressure, the automotive market is increasingly demanding driver assistance systems that promote highly automated driving. Innovative solutions must be harmonized with safety-relevant functions.

Together with the customer we define new methods and guidelines to achieve a scalable and modular concept on the way to autonomous driving. In a holistic development process, we develop the architecture for driver assistance systems and test their implementation in prototypes. We coordinate the concepts and realize the technical implementation. We support our customers in both the hardware and software areas. For example, we are developing a uniform, modular component carrier with sensors, control units and on-board network functions.

By applying the FMEA method, we subdivide complex functions into sub-functions and optimize the resource utilization of the on-board network. In close coordination with the relevant stakeholders, we partition the software components to the individual ECUs in the vehicle and validate the individual functions. We implement Level 3 functions and pave the way to autonomous driving with Level 4 functions.

Added value for the customer

We offer our customers a decisive competitive advantage. We test the functional systems in close coordination with concept partners and suppliers. In doing so, we make use of our internal network and involve the specialist departments on the customer side. The synergies from other function-oriented projects in the field of driver assistance help us to analyse obstacles and implement solutions quickly. The methodical use of FMEA and tool-supported modelling and timing analyses is the basis for our high development quality. By testing prototypes, we show the customer weak points and accelerate the iterative implementation of highly automated functions.


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We are countering the disruption in the automotive sector with a fresh breeze and well-founded experience.

Autonomous driving is changing a complete industry - not only mobility itself, but also the way systems are developed. We combine the trend themes of sustainability, urbanization and digitization and make a decisive contribution to fully automated driving. We are making this technological quantum leap together with our customers and are working hard on the car of the future.

Said Nahari

Project Manager