Josua Braun wanted to go deeper again technically

Zielpuls | Josua Braun wanted to go deeper again technically

From Technology Consultant to Software Developer for Adaptive Autosar (BMW)

After initial hurdles in the interview, Joshua liked being part of the "Zielpuls-Bande" all the more.

During my mechanical engineering studies at the TU Munich, I worked as a student trainee for an IT consultancy for automation technology. After my studies, I decided that I didn’t want to disappear behind a screen as a developer and started looking for new challenges. During my search I came across Zielpuls.

Although there was a time misunderstanding on my part during my job interview and I didn’t show up for the appointment until an hour after it was supposed to take place, the interview still went very well. Based on this, I was sure that the slogan “Technology and People” was meant seriously. So I started at Zielpuls in 2014 and later became an E/E expert.

"During my time at Zielpuls, I was always able to work with a very friendly and fun team. Even when there were stressful phases in the projects, the interaction among colleagues was always very pleasant. I also really appreciated the freedom I had in the various projects, as I was able to try out and learn so much. Of course, I have particularly fond memories of the numerous and very enjoyable free evenings (beers) with my colleagues. In the end, I wanted to go deeper technically (again) and program C++ in an industrial environment, so I left Zielpuls to join BMW."

Josua Braun

Software Developer for Adaptive Autosar (BMW)