Gregor Hohmann founded his own start-up

Zielpuls | Gregor Hohmann founded his own start-up

From technology consultant to Co-Founder & CEO at Galactify

Gregor is curious by nature. When he started at Zielpuls in 2011, Zielpuls was still a start-up with 25 colleagues. In conversations with colleagues, Gregor learns that there is an electric car (Tazzari-Zero!) in the underground garage for testing purposes. When asked why nobody is using it, he gets the answer: "So far nobody has had time to screw on the license plates!"

Not even a week later, Gregor had his first internal role – “e-car person responsible”. The license plate was quickly screwed on and the fuel card “the blue tank tear” for the then still very scarce e-gas stations he procured in the back room of Munich’s public transport company… Thus Gregor gained his first experience with e-mobility with the Zielpulsbande long before i3 & Co.

At the beginning of his career, Gregor’s focus was on technical and IT concepts as well as the testing and introduction of new processes at the customer’s site. Already in the second project he was assigned project management tasks.

The longer he was involved, the more often he was allowed to lead projects at customers that were new to Zielpuls or to develop new topics. Here he benefited from the fact that he approached people openly and from his curiosity, too.

In the course of time, further internal tasks were added. He took over the first training in the first year. As the company grew he took over the training cluster project and process management. Together with colleagues, he developed the first internal training, which brought Design Thinking into the company.

After more than 7 years, his desire to dare something completely new outweighed his own. Therefore he founded his own start-up, the Galactify GmbH. Co-founder is a former colleague of Gregor, whom he met in his second project at Zielpuls.

After his time at Zielpuls, Gregor continues to meet regularly with his former colleagues both privately and professionally. “What I really appreciated about working at Zielpuls was the mutual trust and cooperation within the team.”

"After more than 7 years, my desire to dare something completely new outweighed my own. Therefore I founded my own start-up, the Galactify GmbH. Co-founder is a former Zielpuls colleague whom I met in my second project at Zielpuls.
Developing and selling cloud based software is something completely different than acquiring and managing consulting projects. Even though the goal - helping customers to implement new technologies faster - is the same."

Gregor Hohmann

Co-Founder / CEO at Galactify & Zielpuls Alumni