Andrea Hummel and the dream of her own café

Zielpuls | Andrea Hummel and the dream of her own café

From technology consulting to "Isarfräulein

Three exciting and instructive years at Zielpuls have passed when Andrea decided to take a completely new path in early 2015.

Andrea was responsible for Marketing & Controlling at Zielpuls and loved new challenges, her colleagues and the entire working environment. But the dream of owning her own café was always haunting her mind!

"Over ten corners I came to a rather run-down kiosk, but I saw the potential in it to finally realize my dream! So, with a heavy heart, I quit my job at Zielpuls at the beginning of 2015 and began renovating. After three months we finished the renovation work and I was able to open my kiosk-café "Isarfräulein" at the end of June. Many years have passed since then. But I am still happy to have taken this step back then, even though I always like to think back to the time at Zielpuls!"

Andrea Hummel

Owner of the Café "Isarfräulein" & Zielpuls Alumni